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Ph: 03 5826 7242

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Press Release 

Due to Higher than expected growth Nally Radio Towers have relocate to Arcadia South Victoria. The new facility are much larger.

Our new phone number is 

Ph: 03 5826 7242 

International 61 3 5826 7242

100Metre Stacked Guyed Tower.
Nally Radio Towers Pty. Ltd. 100Metre Stacked Guyed Tower, Constructed from 5 Metre sections, capable of supporting up to 2 by 1Metre square antenna load at top most point of tower is now in full production.

This tower has steps on one side with optional anti fall arrester capabilities.

Used Towers.
Due to inherent wear and tear, wind load codes and engineers design criteria, unless Nally Radio Towers Pty. Ltd. actually do the work, we can not ensure any used tower is either a Nally Radio Towers' product or that it is of a model that would be suitable for relocation, nor that the works carried out are in accordance with engineers requirements.

Nally Radio Towers do re work used Nally Radio Towers' towers.

Only after Nally Radio Towers have restored, where possible, the tower and to the best of our ability believe it to be suitable for re use, then and only then can Nally Radio Towers provide paper work relating to used tower.

Being the basic structure itself is used, it can not be supplied with any form of
guarantee and / or warrantee, only that all works carried out are in accordance with engineers requirements.

Any new parts  and or Materials supplied are only guaranteed and / or warranted in accordance with the individual suppliers guarantee and / or warrantee.

35Metre Stacked Free Standing Tower
Nally Radio Towers Pty. Ltd have just released its latest tower design being up to 35Metres in height, Free Standing, consisting of six stacked sections 5Metres in height, this tower incorporates a ladder on one side, with optional anti fall arrester capability available on all towers where necessary, making it safe for riggers.

Tower Installs
Nally Radio Tower's standard drawings specify foundation ground conditions which must be met to satisfy structural sufficiency of installation under Australian design wind loads.

The Engineer design certificate that can be purchased and supplied with the tower certifies that the tower and foundation for Australian design codes, provided that the specified foundation ground conditions are met.

It is the responsibility of the authority that checks the foundation prior to placing concrete, to ensure that the relevant conditions have been satisfied.

In some instances, the relevant authority will require a geotechnical investigation report to verify ground conditions and this will be the customer's responsibility.

As all local authorities have different requirements with respect to town planning or building permits for towers, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain advice from the relevant authority as to permits required prior to erection of the tower.

Nally Radio Towers have up sized and are currently residing in Dandenong
Present developments are new and improved products with our range of support devices growing, each year.

When Nally Radio Towers was purchased in 2000, the then product range was a 2 stage wall mounted Pipe Mast, and a 2 stage, free standing, telescopic , tilt over tower, the tower design had not changed much since the 1950's other than winches, Nally also manufactured a light duty guyed tower to 45 Metres.

Since then we have manufactured various types of support devices from 9Metre, free standing mono poles, re locatable power poles for hire companies, pipe masts for roof top mounting, and bizarre ones like forklift mounted towers for satellite navigation at shipping container storage facilities

We now have a guyed tower design that is much stronger and larger in physical size than the original tower, this tower has been exported a number of times, also being used for data control systems in Queensland, wind monitoring in New South Wales etc.

Our current 2 stage, free standing, telescopic, tilt over, tower design has now become 4 distinctly different towers, in that all wind regions around Australia from A, to D, are now catered for, yes including the cyclonic coast line areas.

The pipe mast has been totally re designed into 3 basic models, being the original wall mounted, plus now a free standing version which also has been exported, there is also a guyed model with quick deployment / pack up capabilities, presently being used for seismograph works through out Australia.

A new 3 stage, free standing, telescopic tower design is in the final stages of design with production already begun for wind regions A to D and again resulting in 4 models, ordered for Western Australia for wind monitoring research and the Northern Territory for a new wireless telecommunications / Internet system being developed around Darwin this model is promising to be in big demand.

To the future we are working on parallel sided stacked tower designs up to 30 metres in height.

We are negotiating in conjunction with Austrade for export contracts that may see Nally Radio Towers Pty. Ltd. become more of a world wide supplier with strong possibilities of under license manufacturing commencing in other countries.

All tower designs from Nally Radio Towers Pty. Ltd. are designed with safety in mind, accessories, include Lade Safe and Harness systems, Dish mount support systems presently up to 2 metre solids. anti twist frames, enabling dish pin point accuracy etc.

All telescopic towers are supplied with safety self actuating brake winches as standard.

Much to our disappointment Nally Radio Towers Pty. Ltd. has become very busy with production and customer orders. because of this, we are currently unable to attend field days in the foreseeable future.

As of the beginning of 2006 Nally Radio Towers became a Proprietary Limited Company with fresh motivation & planed developments ensuring the business of communications support devices are supplied through to and beyond the next century.  

As of the 1st of September all tower pricing has been adjusted.
Due to the continually rising price of steel and the substantial increased costs of Galvanising and winches.
Due to these variations costs will be adjusted as necessary,
All the behind the scenes costs that are incurred in running any business all have a bearing on product pricing, In order to minimise your purchase price Nally Radio Towers is always looking for ways to both improve quality as well as reducing costs.  

Being the Australian Standards for wind loading has changed quite dramatically, Nally Radio Towers has just had its engineers re-computate the 2 Stage, Free Standing, Telescopic, Tilt Over Tower. This in turn has now made One tower design into 4 different models.

This Tower has been designed for terrain category 2 in accordance with AS1170
With wind region to AS1170
Which includes Regions " A ", " B ", " C ", " D ".
This now means our tower design can be built for all areas of Australia that are Terrain category 2 or lower, even cyclone prone areas fall with in this category, In turn up to 99 percent of Australia is now catered for.

Email Attachments
Increasingly virus related emails have been sent to various names of people that do not exist at Nally Radio Towers, these emails will not be read nor received.

Should you have the need to send files to Nally Radio Towers for any reason, you will need to request permission first, for all emails with attachments without prior consent given, will be deleted at server level.

To request permission Please click here

Mountain District Radio Club White Elephant Sale
Nally Radio Towers was invited to Mountain District Radio Clubs White Elephant Day on Sunday 24th of March by Robert Broomhead VK3KRB.

his day went extremely well, Both Herman Schutte (owner) and Doug Rowe were made very welcome, the day was filled with many enquiries and requests to demonstrate our new improved tower design.  Particularly the new Safety Brake winches now used on our Towers were discussed in great depth.

Nally Radio Towers will happily where possible accept invitations to demonstrate our products.
Should you have an up and coming event, and believe Nally Radio Towers should be there,
contact us so we can pencil in your venue into our calendar of events

Many Thanks to the Mountain District Radio Club

Hamfest at Shepparton
Nally Radio Towers was invited to Shepparton's Hamfest day on Sunday 16th of September by Jan Van Kerkwijk.

In our view, the day went very well, with many amateurs seeing first hand our current 2 stage free-standing tilt-over tower, from the warm welcome and comments received, Nally Radio Towers will happily where possible accept invitations to demonstrate our products.
Should you have an up and coming event, and believe Nally Radio Towers should be there,
contact us so we can pencil in your venue into our calendar of events

Many Thanks to the Shepparton & District Amateur Radio Club

From Herman Schutte Manager / Owner of Nally Radio Towers



Today Nally Radio Towers announced it is embarking on its intention to enter the world market. Tendering on communication tower needs world wide. In particular in the USA, Europe and Asian Countries.

Nally Radio Towers is also looking at options open to it by way of potential business partners with in these Countries, should your organisation be interested please contact management through our head office in Melbourne Australia. All contact details are available on the company page or click here


Nally Radio Towers announced today that it was embarking on an exciting new direction.

Nally has long been seen to be providing towers to the ham radio and communication industry, but has now realised the future is in data communications and is releasing many new innovations over the coming months and years.

Stay tuned for these releases.

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